Sunday, February 1, 2009

Today’s Puzzle

Yes, I know, I didn’t get yesterday’s puzzle up. But I didn’t do it. On Saturdays I have to be at work at9, which means leaving by 8. Which is just not good for me….I tried to do it at work, but our phones have been pretty well non-stop since the first of the year- no clue why, doesn’t seem to be any one particular issue, just everyone & their half-wit uncle-brother feels a need to call us, most of them without good reason. And they want to bitch about having to hold for 30 min before someone answers. Now tell me, how do I (or we, as a company) have any control over how many people call at any given time? We don’t. Therefore, if you call at the same time as 100 other people, you’re going to hold, and there isn’t anything we can do about it. There are plenty of people answering the lines, but when you call me to snivel that your cable isn’t working, and it turns out after 15 minutes of troubleshooting that you don’t have it connected/turned on, that’s 3-5 people who had to hold because you weren’t smart enough to check the cord & power buttons. So essentially, YOU’RE the reason for the long hold.

Ahem….sorry, mini-rant there. Ok onward and upward!

Puzzle Title: Good Thinking
Puzzle Date: January 19
Elapsed Time: 7:54
Hints Used: 0 letters, 0 words



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