Monday, August 4, 2008

Ha! It's Been Less Than A Week!

And here I am, back and posting! Woohoo! I'd prefer to do it daily, but then again, I'd prefer being independently wealthy, too...I got my car back on Saturday. In addition to the obvious stuff I took it in for (you know the overheating issues) I had also mentioned AGAIN that there is a vibration at 60mph and a kinda wobble when you turn hard right. This was first mentioned to them in December of 2006, along with the lifter rattle at start up, (which it still does). See, according to the mechanics, the lifter rattle was caused by a "non-Chrysler oil filter" which supposedly will allow the oil to drain out when the car isn't running, and will in turn cause the lifters to rattle on a cold start. They changed the oil & installed the "Chrysler oil filter." It still rattled. Ahem. I think I took it back 3 or 4 times, and every time I was told they "couldn't reproduce the issue". How convenient. I finally got fed up and took it down there on a Friday night and parked it, taking the keys with me. Once started, it has to sit for at least 6 hours to do it again. Saturday morning, Hunny & I went down there, got the manager as well the service guy I always deal with. We opened the hood, and with the guys all standing around the front of the car, I started it. It rattled. Huh, imagine that! I was able to reproduce the issue simply by following the implicit instructions I left every time - it must sit at least 6 hours, preferably overnight to reproduce the noise. That time they replaced the rocker arms and lifters, and something else. It still rattles. They still can't "reproduce the issue" - imagine that...As far as the vibration at 60mph at the "rocking" when I turn hard right, I was advised I needed new tires. Whatever.
Now, I know I have bumps in my shirt, so I couldn't possibly know anything about cars beyond how to start it and make it go...but even if that were the case, there is a major flaw with the whole "tire" theory. The tires on my car were installed at the end of March, 2006. The car had roughly 52,000 miles on it at that time. It has about 74,000 now. The tires that were put on it..? They are 90,000 mile tires. For those of you who are car challenged, that means they are made to go 90,000 miles before they should need replaced. 90,000 MILES! But supposedly, in December of 2006 (8 months after they were put on....) they were in such bad shape that someone who does front end repairs (!)took my front end apart (so you would think, right..?), found nothing wrong, and determined that my 90,000 mile rated tires needed replaced, after approx. - oh I don't know - 8,000 miles had been put on them.
Are any of you buying this..? Yeah, me neither, but again, I have bumps in my shirt, so I couldn't possibly know anything about cars beyond how to start it and make it go. (If you should ever feel a need to piss me off in a hurry, start a conversation with me about cars and mechanical problems, then talk down to me...I promise, we'll be scrapping shortly thereafter!)
So, I took it home, and drove it for a bit. Shortly after that (in July) was when the tranny went, and they had it for 6 weeks, because apparently, there were no trannies in existence, that weren't already in use, that would go in my car, and Chrysler had to build one for it...really!
Anywho, they have again decided I need new tires. Tire Barn put it in writing that there isn't anything wrong with my tires, and they rotated them, so I now have "new" front tires. So now I get to spend my next "not a day-off" at the Chrysler dealership, using single syllable words to explain to the front-end guy that no, I don't need new tires, the ones on the car are perfectly fine and still have approximately 65,000 miles before they are required to be changed. That I have indeed replaced the front tires that were on it with the tires that were on the back, an therefore have "new" tires on the front, and guess what..? I still have the same vibration at 60 mph! Now I'm fairly certain that if this work were being paid for out of my pocket, instead of by warranty, they'd have found all kinds of stuff to repair/ just pisses me off that I have to spend what little free time I get sitting at the car lot waiting for them to fix what should have been fixed at the very least a week ago when it was in there, and actually should have been fixed back in Dec 2006, when it was first brought to their attention, or in July of 2007 when they had it for 6 weeks and had again been advised of it.
Why do I keep going back you ask? Well, I have rental coverage on my warranty, but not first day. But the guy I deal with down there always manages to get me in a car as soon as they determine the issue & that it's covered. And he kept me in a rental car the whole 6 weeks they had it last year. He has also managed to knock down my "portion" of the bill considerably, several times. But I'm about done, yanno..?
Ok, gotta go, got work stuffs to do ewwwwwww.
See ya laterzzzzzzzzz!

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Cars are such a Pain In the A...

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