Thursday, July 31, 2008

Quick Update My Car

After spending the day at one dealership or another, the determination (so far) is that the cooling fan module went bad in my car, which is what caused it to overheat.

My car overheated, which blew the head gaskets.

The head gaskets blew, which warped my (aluminum) heads....

So, I am in a rental car for Goddess knows how long this time. Essentially they have to tear my motor apart. At this rate, by the time the warranty is up (THANK GODDESS FOR WARRANTIES!) I'm going to basically have a new car, motor-wise.

It just flabbergasts me that this car gives NO WARNING! When the tranny went out last summer, it happened like this:

Tuesday on the way to work, about 10:30ish, my check engine light came on. I called the dealership & made an appointment to bring it in and get it checked WHILE STILL ON MY WAY TO WORK. It went the rest of the way to work, and back home, a total of about 25-30 miles.

Wednesday on my way to work, as I was going from one interstate to another, at roughly 50 (ok, 60) mph, my jumped out of gear and stayed that way. I had to have it trailered to the dealership. They had it for 6 weeks.

This time really wasn't much different -

Monday on my lunch break I ran over to KMart - about 3 miles - and then back to work. When I pulled in the parking lot, the dummy light for the temp was on and my guage was in the red. The only place it went from there was home & then to the dealrship (again) All the damage was done in a matter of about 20 miles - from first warning to being "broke"

See..? No warning! Most vehicles, the dummy lights come on, and you've got a bit of time to get it checked out & fixed before it becomes major. Not my car - oh no, that'd be too easy! By the time my dummy lights come on, it's too late, the car is already essentially broken!

*Sigh* Oh well, such is life! This too, shall pass :)

Ok, gotta get ready for work.

See ya laterzzzzzzzzz!

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Anonymous said...

Girl, you gotta get rid of that car before the warranty expires.