Friday, July 18, 2008

Where Have I Been..?

Ok, I guess this is what I get for daring to say things had been "slow". *Slap in the face* That'll learn ya! Let's start with the boy & his tooth...

As you know, we've had a loose tooth for quite some time now. Well, It finally came out Tuesday. Lemme tell ya - that boy was excited! And of course he had a bazillion usual! Which I really wasn't up tp answering...

You see, this is where the "keepyourmouth(keyboard?)shutandNEVERsaythingsareslow" comes in. I had a doctors appointment Tuesday. Nothing major, just an Rx fill, and having a couple of skin tags removed on my neck. Which I wouldn't have bothered with, except they happened to be right where my necklaces hang, and right where my tags hit my back, when I wear a shirt with a tag (I try not to - there are so many tagless options now, and I LOVE THAT!). But they were irritating, so I figured I'd have the doc take 'em off. No biggie, I mean really - how bad could it hurt? I've given birth!

So I took my boy to Stacey's and dropped him off about noonish, and proceeded to the doctor's. I actually got my car most of the way cleaned out, since I got there early! That's a feat! My car creates shit...anyways, I went in, paid sat for a minute or two (they're really good about not making you wait if you have an appointment - now coming as a walk-in is a different story). After about 5 min id the room, the doc came in explained what he was going to do, and did it. Not bad at all, kinda felt like having hairs plucked out. He rubbed some antibiotic ointment on the spots, gave me my prescription and I was done. In and out in about 25 minutes total.

I had gotten a coupon for a $25 gift card from CVS for a new or transferred Rx, so I headed on down to CVS to get it filled, since it was in the area (I usually - almost always - go to Walgreens...). As I was driving down there, I was talking to Hunny, and telling him how easy it had been.

"Hell, they don't even hurt, it's more like an itch where they took them off" That would be me tempting fate again...

I got to CVS, and as I was walking in, my hands, palms and inside of wrists, began to itch. "Cool! I'm coming into money somewhere!" Yeah, right...I went back to the counter, gave her my card & id, all the while scratching my hands & wrists surreptitiously. She said it would be about 10 mins, so I figured I'd stroll the aisles and see if I could find anything I couldn't live without. But then I got a little light-headed, and my scalp started itching pretty bad - and scratching was BAD. I went over to the waiting area and sat down, and told hunny I was going to go. I was feeling pretty bad, and didn't want him freaking out...he was at work nothing he could do. By now I was thinking it might be a bit more than a sign of incoming income. My hands were starting to swell, and my whole body was turning bright red.

They called me up to get my medicine, and the little gal asked me "Are you alright..?"

"I don't think so."
I went and sat back down for a minute, then asked directions to the restroom, pretty sure I was about to hurl all over their waiting are. Now mind you I NEVER vomit. Ok, not never, but in 41 years, 14 of which were spent as a dancer who got paid by the drink, and another good 10 as a bartender, which means I DRANK, I'd bet I've only gotten physically ill 10 times. EVER. So this feeling keyed me to the fact that I might be in serious trouble. I didn't actually get sick, but it was a near miss. I went back to the waiting area and called the doctor's office. I had only been gone 15 minutes max, and I was only about 3 miles down the road.

Me: "Hi, this is Jodi, I just left there, I really, really, really need to talk to Linda or Dr. _____" My voice sounded a bit shaky to my ears...

Receptionist: "I'm guessing this is an emergency..?"
Me: "Yeah, I think so..."
Linda came on the line momentarily...

Her: "Hey Jodi, what's up?"
Me: "What was the stuff the doc put on my neck>"
Her: "It was just a triple antiboitic, why?"
Me: "I think I'm having an allergic reaction to something in it..."
Her: " Have you ever used it before? Ever shown any reaction?"

Me: "I've used antibiotic ointment on every tattoo I have (please understand what I am saying when I say that - I quit counting tattoos when I get to 40 - and there are still more to go...), and I've never had any problems with it."

Her: "Well do you think a couple of benedryl will help? What's happening with you..?"

Me: "Well, I'm shaky, I itch everywhere, my body's turning red, and it's kinda hard to breath..."

Her: "So you're having trouble breathing? Is your throat closing up?"

Me: "Starting to.."

Her: "You might want to think about coming back up here, how far away are you?"

Me: "Just down the road at CVS."
Her: "You better come on back..."
Me: Ok, on my way."
I went up to the counter to get my stuff, and the gal asked for my CVS card. I was shaking so bad, she took the ring out of my hand and said she'd find it. She also said that she wasn't sure she was comfortable letting me leave in the state I was in (and truly..? She probably shouldn't have) But I told her I was going to the doctor's office up on 56th St. we were at 34th St. and she let me go.

I got back to the doctor's, and they whisked me in the back. I ended up getting two shots of Epinephrine AND a shot of cortisone, to reverse the reaction... My skin was bright red, swelling (the rings that usually are trying to fall off my fingers left marks where the skin swelled around them), and itching to beat Hell. The whites of my eyes even turned red. Scary shit. But within 45 minutes of getting back to the office I was pretty much fine, not 100%, but probably 80%.

Apparently at some point, I have acquired a sever allergy to bacatracin(sp?)

Meanwhile, my boy was busy losing his tooth during a water fight *grin* He was so excited when I got there he could hardly stand it! And, he got his first bee sting - the same way I got my first bee sting, running through a sprinkler and stepped on it. I'm fairly certain he took it much better than I did. I HATE bees. I actually broke my tailbone some years ago trying to back away from a bee...
Damm! Gotta go for now, but will try to get back soon! Work calls again...
See ya laterzzzzzzzzz!

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Anji said...

That sounds awful. I discovered that I was allergic to Betadine after giving birth to my daughter. It wasn't much fun showing my butt to everyone while they decided what was wrong, I'll never forget the itching. I have a large tag under my arm that has managed to bleed over two white blouses so far this summer so I will go and have it removed. I'll make sure they know about my allergy.

has the tooth fairy visited?