Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day off..? Yeah Right!

Still gotta catch up - it's on my list, but that list is getting outta hand....
Today is supposed to be my day off...ROFLMAO! Let's back up a bit...Saturday I got off earlier than usual (5:00), and Ashley had my boy - and wanted to keep him for a while, so I had a few hours to myself - that never happens! So I needed to get my (new!) phone looked at, because I couldn't close the door over the charger port, it would cut calls off to reboot for no good reason, and half the time when I opened it, it would start loading an email application or Sprint music store application, and I would have to wait for it to finish loading to exit out to do what I needed to do. And, I used it as an alarm last week, while working early, and when it went off Saturday am, the only way to turn off the alarm was to turn the whole phone off - at 6:00 am...
SO I went to Sprint, told 'em my issues, and got in response "Huh. This is one of the best phone we offer (ic902), it's really unusual to have problems with one of these. I have to get it to reproduce the issue to do anything (which it surprisingly did right on cue). Ok I can swap it out, but I don't know what I'll swap it for, these don't exist anymore (?!?), they are being "revamped" (uh-huh). you can't get these anymore, (?!? "one of the best we offer???), so I'll have to swap for a comparable model, which would be the i880 (I'm ok with that)"
Then she went to the back of the store, out of hearing (go figger) for about 10 min, when she came back out she said "We can swap it out, but you'll need to go to the Greenwood store, We're out of them, since we've been swapping so many of them out (?!? uhhhhhh...did she just tell on herself? If there's rarely problems with this phone, why are you swapping so frequently you're out of the replacement..?) So I went to Greenwood store. My point here is I lost 1 1/2 hours of "time to myself" jacking around with Sprint - again (that's another post I need to get up *sigh* I really need a clone...)
So when done with that I went over to DSW Shoe Warehouse to see what they had that I couldn't live without (no, 35 pairs of shoes aren't enough - yet another story to come...) They didn't have anything, so I figured I'd go across the parking lot to Kohl's. When I went to start my car (see I DO eventually get back to my original point...), I hit the key, it turned over, but it didn't catch. *sigh* I hit the key again, this time it caught - sorta. Now I've had my share of hoopdie rides. For years I was always having to decide if I wanted my car to go or stop -fixing the motor or tranny so it goes, but the brakes are so bad it won't stop is usually a bad idea, but fixing the brakes on a vehicle that you can't get to go over 20mph due to motor/tranny issues is kinda pointless...but in fairness, it's been a looooong time since I've had to deal with that. My Hunny is awesome at keeping me in GOOD vehicles. But....it was like she wasn't getting any gas, when I hit the gas I could hear the motor sucking air - never a good thing. I finally got it to catch, and held her at a higher RPM to blow out whatever the problem was, and she ran - mostly - fine. Until yesterday (yes, that's two whole days)
When I came back from lunch yesterday, my dummy light indicating she was hot was on, and the needle was in the red. I only went about 5 miles each way, and didn't idle at all. I told hunny, so he came by when I got off to follow me home. At least that was the plan...We got about - oh I dunno 3 MILES and she was back in the red. Pulled over, cooled her down, added coolant. (Mind now, the motor is aluminum, so I have to have a "special mix, using only DISTILLED water" per instructions on the cap). A half hour later, I headed for the house and he headed for our boy. Have you ever had to drive a vehicle, with the heat on full blast in 95 degree heat..? Not fun, lemme tell ya!
I got about 6 or 7 more miles, and she was back in the red. We finally limped her home with the help of Mike & Missy. I just wanted to go get my boy, go home, change to swimwear, go to the pool, relax for a bit, and have a nice peaceful evening, then spend my day off just being OFF. Silly me, what was I thinking..? That NEVER happens...We ended up having Stacey keep our boy overnight (yeah, I had to take him back at 9:30 last night), and while I did that, Mike & Missy followed Hunny to the dealership to drop my car off, then he took them home & kept Mike's truck. He's really not happy with that - he HATES driving someone else's vehicle! (So do I, so I understand...)
Oh yeah, did I mention our air conditioning is out..? Again..? So I had to get up at 7 when the air guy called, to let him in - apparently the coil's leaking. They may or may not have one, so it may or may not get fixed today...here's our forecast for the next week...
So, here I am, on my supposed "day off" I have to deal with the air guy, deal with the car dealership (although I will say, the man I deal with down there is awesome - he's the reason I'm willing to take my car 25 miles to be fixed when I could go 5), oh yeah, and the power steering is squalling on the truck (which we bought new in 2006, and have had in the shop about 7 - 10 times...), so even though I dodged having to sit at O'Brien's all day waiting on my car, I get to go to Skillman's and sit all day waiting on the truck...
AND I was supposed to go to the doctor's today. Needless to say that's been rescheduled.
Ok, now I feel a little better, since I've actually posted here. I still have a bunch more to write, but It's gonna hafta wait a bit. I need to get a laptop, so I can do this shit somewhere other than home, since there has apparently been a new Universal Law added to my list of rules, right under "Can't leave house without forgetting something", "Not allowed to buy a vehicle without major issues" and "If reminded of something - anything - it will promptly be forgotten" that says "Not allowed to spend days away from work doing anything other than running around like chicken with head cut off."
Ok, gotta go run like chicken without head!
See ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzz! 


Tom Evans said...

I'd like to know what 'motor/tranny' issues are!

Meanwhile, I can't help but note a certain impressive number of words. The answer to lost 'self-time' lie therein!

Hope all's well!

Dawtch said...

OMG! I don't even know where to begin, I've had so many different motor or tranny issues in various cars! LOL Bad fuel filters, blown head gaskets, I had one car that got about 5 miles to the quart (of oil...).That same car had holes in the back floorboard & fire wall so badly that in winter you LITERALLY had to drive under a quilt to keep from freezing! Let's see...I've had to replace starters, alternators, voltage regulators - pretty much, if it can go wrong on a vehicle, I've experienced it at some point...ROFLMAO!
Thanks for stopping by!