Saturday, December 13, 2008

Birthday’s Over

Alrighty then…after all the restoring, unrestoring, re-restoring, unre-restoring, running my Adaware program – one of the BEST free adware programs available, in my opinion – get yours here – running a McAfee scan, I seem to have things pretty well in order *said while gently pounding every piece of wood within reach* or not….who knows. For some reason, when I am typing my post in Live Writer, the font appears tiny unless I set it to some ridiculous size like 24 (see last post) then is huge when it goes on the blog….there’s no option I can find to change it, either. I tried the “CTRL/scroll” trick – nuttin. It did this once before, then just all of a sudden it was all good, no idea what I did change it. Figgers…

So, the birthday is over. I find it so hard to believe he’s 6. I also find it hard to believe Hunny & I have been together 10 ys! Many shared events seem to have happened just a few months ago – yet others seem much longer ago. I’m sure you’ve read this on every other blog written by a parent, but just yesterday, seemingly, we were bringing him home for the first time. Or planning his first birthday party. Or any number of other firsts….I know there are still many more ahead, but many will never come again. *Sigh*

Ok, gonna go for now. I really need to get some stuff up on the other blog. It’s been more sorely neglected than this one. I will get pics up when I get them to the puter….

See ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! ! ! !

 Jodi light


wlwbrandon said...


I am one of the developers on Windows Live Writer. Check out this link to see if it helps with your font size problem:

If that doesn't help, send me at

Dawtch said...

You are THE BOMB! Thanks so much for coming by here & leaving me that link! I can now actually read what I'm typing in my Live Writer with the font set to a size smaller than 24....This rocks!