Friday, December 5, 2008


Okeedokee, I am back up, kinda sorta, I hope...have had computer issues since the dude who installed the HSD back active downloaded some crap on to it...but I'll get to that later. RIght now I want to update you real quick like.
We're in the new house - I don't have pics yet, but we did add another new family remember, Jingles joined us a couple of months ago..?

Well, we got moved, and found another wandering around our yard. I stooped down to pet him, and he just curled up under my coat and around my feet like he belonged there. But I didn't take him in right away. I put out food & water, and told Hunny about him. He said he'd take him in when he got home (what a wonderful Hunny I have...) but he wasn't around when Hunny got home. I figgered someone else beat us to it. I saw the neighbors next morning, turns out her sister had brought him to her as a "gift" and they already had 2 big dogs....they were going to take him to a farm and drop him off, but I offered to take him Bel
I have some more pics I wanna share, like the one showing how a redneck fixes his car door handle - aww shit - I better just put it up while I'm here...
Or maybe they're just trying to keep the cold air out..? Hey VV - this was in a Wal_mart parking lot, I think that makes me the winner of the Wal-mart Bingo...
Ok, gotta go, the boy is hollering he wants a jelly sammich, and we gotta get ready to head out.
See ya laterzzzzzzzzzz!


EuroYank said...

For a bitch that is a witch what is this with all these millions of kitty blogs? Is it because all you women are pussies?

Dawtch said...

What in the world does that mean..? Could you repeat it in understandable terminology please?