Monday, March 2, 2009

In Praise of HH Gregg - Continuation

Alrighty then We’ve gotten through the cars. Now I will move on to get you closer to where I was going with this. Closer – not necessarily there. I was going on about my luck with thing electronic & mechanical…while we’re on the subject, let’s not forget to include Sprint & the cell phone, ‘cuz, yanno, it’s electronical. . .I won’t go back over all the ugly details again, if you didn’t get em the first time, just click the links, they’ll take you to relevant posts.

So…last year, we moved right about tax time. Now I know houses aren’t mechanical, or electronic, but my “luck” apparently runs to them, too. I don’t think I’ve touched too much on that before, so I will do so now.

We lived in the same house for almost 7 years. We initially got it on a “rent-to-buy” type set up – the payments came outta Hunny’s check each week and were split between “principle” & “interest”. It was set up as a series of 6, five years leases, at the end of which we would “purchase” the home for $1. We also had the option to purchase at any point if finances allowed. After about 5 years, they did, so we went the mortgage route. Life was good. Our payment went from about $700 a month to about $500 a month. It was a fixed 30 year term. That’s supposed to mean your payment doesn’t change. Note I said supposed to.

But apparently, somewhere along the line, the taxes weren’t figured properly, so the amount we escrowed for them wasn’t right. By a whole bunch. On top of that, our mortgage was “sold” by the initial issuer – you know the one with human employees? That you could actually talk to..?It was bought by the Demon Store’s (Best Buy for you late-comers) big brother – The Demon Lender aka Wells Fargo.

I received a notice saying our payment was increasing by approximately (‘cuz I don’t remember the exact amount – I’ve slept since then) $200 a month. $200 a month! That’s a big jump on a “fixed rate mortgage.” I did what I could, and actually managed for a few months, but then I made a payment late. I freely fess up – I made the payment late. About 3 weeks so. And because I had jumped into that vicious cycle, each payment after that was about 3 weeks late. And the phone calls started. I tried to make arrangements with them, to send an initial amount, by a certain date,then add to each following payment, and I did so. But they claimed the payment arrived about four days later than it needed to, and hence, I “broke the agreement.” More phone calls.

I created a new agreement with “Haji” over the phone, and sent off more money on the date I agreed to. Again, it “arrived” late. WTF? I knew damn good & well I had sent it correctly. I‘m sure you can see the vicious cycle beginning here…? By this point, they want me to send them $800 “now” and $1000 a month to catch up. You see, every time I “broke” the agreement, there were additional fees…big surprise there, huh? For a minute, they almost convinced me I was the one fuc*ing up. Almost. I was very stressed, to say the least. But this time, I got smart. Rather than having my bank send it (something I rarely do, but it gave me an uninterested third party verification of when it was sent, so I had gone that way…) I decided I would send it Priority Mail, Signature Required. I got my receipt – with signature – back, and had verification that my payment had arrived two days before it needed to. But wonder of wonders, it didn’t post to my account until 5 days later. See where this is going..? Yep! Broke the agreement (and added hefty fees) again.This time they wanted another $1500  and $1200 a month…Not happening. My signature receipt..? Useless. As far as they were concerned, didn’t mean a thing. By this point, the combination of this & the fact that my car had burned to the ground was just too much for me. The stress was making me physically ill. Hunny and I decided we were done with them. But they had us screwed royally.

You see, they were reporting us 60 days out on the mortgage (we weren’t) and refused to revise it. On top of that, they were also the finance company on the Impala. The one that was now a burned out shell..? Now I know large companies tend to have large numbers of incompetent employees and poor communication, but what happened with the Impala borders on asinine. They were repoting us 90 days out on that car. The same car that my insurance company, and my GAP company had sent them payment in full for a month prior. (It gets better – a month after that they sent someone to our house to repo it!) Really!

What I was getting to was that not only were we screwed by them on our mortgage, we couldn’t refinance because we were screwed by them credit wise. Never mind every other account was reporting on time, consistent payments. Between the mortgage & car loan they were mis-reporting, no one would even look at a refinance…so we moved.

And I’m outta time :( So…..To Be Continued *grin*
See ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!         

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