Thursday, June 5, 2008

And Again, And AGAIN! When Will It End..?

After the Pizza Hut/American General debacle of yesterday, I thought maybe Mercury felt I had suffered enough for this retrograde. Silly me, what was I thinking..?
My morning went clamly enough, no weirdness, the boy was (mostly) in a good mood, and pretty self-sufficient. The faucet handle didn't come off in my hand, the toilet didn't overflow...So I got ready for work as usual, grabbed the boy's karate stuff, and out the door we went. Once settled in the car, I called my hunny, like I do every morning. What to my wondering ears should appear but a recorded meassage from Sprint
"You have been redirected to Sprint's financial services department..."
ok, so LAST Friday (05/30/08) I started trying to pay the Sprint bill. It wasn't yet due at that time, and it doesn't have any past due balance on it. Every time I log on to their site, or rather, try to log on, I received a "Website Temporarily Unavailable" I have gotten this message EVERY DAY since then, I have tried repeatedly to pay that bill. No luck. But I wasn't really worried about it, because it wasn't late.
Apparently, despite our having been Sprint customers for almost 10 years, and paying every month on time, and their website being unaccessible are all irrelevant...they shut it off and rerouted me to an automated payment system. But hunny's phone, the primary one on the account, was working just fine...go figger. So I made the payment I've been trying to make for over a week through their stupid automated system. And if they charge me, I'm gonna raise holy hell with someone....not that it'll do any good, I'm sure, 'cuz they have some of the densest, and rudest, customer service personnel I've ever dealt with, and I've talked to some doozies!
"There she goes, exaggerating again!" I can hear the thoughts! When I added an additional line to this account, using a phone we already had, it took THIRTY-SEVEN phone calls to accomplish that apparently massively difficult feat. THIRTY-SEVEN I counted them. It was over a three day period. Just to activate an additional line on an existing account. Sheesh!
Okay, gotta go back to work - ewwwwwww.
The previously mentioned Pizza Hut debacle is currently in draft ('cuz I didn't finish it last night, 'cuz I was whupped) on my computer at home, in my Live Writer. While I LOVELOVELOVE that program, the downside is that it is only available to me at home :( I will try to finish it tonight, I don't get up quite as early tomorrow, due to the funky schedule.
See ya laterzzzzz!

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