Monday, June 2, 2008

Mercury Strikes!

Boy! You can sure tell Mercury is retrograde! Why do I say that? you ask...Well, rather than re-write what I have already written, I will direct you here to learn about some of the effects of this particular phenomenon. Let's just say Mercury Retrograde is a Bitch! Electronics tend to go haywire, anything motorized will give you fits (like the old saying goes...If it has wheels or a penis, it's gonna give you problems...), and communication... well, it's like playing that old game, Telephone, every day.
I have encountered I don't know how many usually reliable sites that are having some pretty major problems - for example, Statcounter, which is what I use exclusively for blog type info, is displaying this message:
Dear Members,
Due to an outage at The Planet (data center) several of our servers are down and service is limited. We sincerely apologise for this interruption in service. Unfortunately, some stats will be lost during this outage. We continue to work to restore full service and thank you for your patience.
The StatCounter Team
It's been up for two days, that I know of.
Recently, BuzzAgent, which I am a member of, came to an agreement with MyPoints to link, and offer "rewards" through them. I went to the site, followed directions, and transferred my stuff from Buzz to Points. I received a message indicating I "already had a MyPoints account, please log in to complete transfer." Ok. I tried what should have been the password and was told it was incorrect. I tried every other possible password. All incorrect. So I clicked the "Forgot Password" link, again followed directions, and when I received the promised email to reset my password, clicked the link. Only to be taken to their home page, no reset option. Hmmmm...
I emailed customer support, and received an email that basically indicated I was a moron and incapable of following simple directions...I hate that!! (I know many folks contacting tech support are, shall we say "Computer Challenged," but I am not one of them, and usually make that fairly clear in any communication to tech...) I emailed back, with screenshots, what was happening. Again the "moron email". After several days of this I finally got a non-automated response;
We apologize for the delay. Due to your valued feedback we have discovered an intermittent technical error with the link in our Password Reset email. Our Technical Services team should have this resolved within the next 48 hours.
Ya think..?
So...I reset my password, and got a welcome message, thanking me for creating a "New MyPoints Account." Huh..? But it was an existing account, right..? That's why I had to reset my password, right..? And where the Hell did my Buzz points disappear to..? Still waiting on that response, which I'm fairly certain will begin with the "you're a moron" email...
My Windows Live Writer, which is the program I use to create my posts, and which allows me to use pretty fonts and do all kinds of cool stuffs, is apparently felling a bit under the weather. I have to reset my font every few paragraphs, and it refuses to keep my "custom" color....grrrr.
When I tried to go to Hey! It's Free yesterday, I got a funky error, and today, the header still isn't appearing properly - all I see is HTML..
My boy is beating on his cast with the paint stirrer used as a paddle (well, ok, it's used as a "threatened" paddle...) because it itches. And he just went a dumped water down it...maybe it should be used as a paddle...
I tried to "open" one of my posts, using the "arrow" on the dashboard, so I could find the content I needed without actually opening the post, and got a message "Google Server Error - Google cannot load the page. Please try again in 30 seconds."...The second try netted me a "Loading" message - which apparently had moved in to stay, as it never went away, and never loaded. ***Hey it went away - to be replaced by the error previously noted *sigh*
I shudder to think what still lies ahead, as we still have to go to June 19th (28th if you count the shadow period, and woe to the man who ignores the shadow period...), there are a whole slew of possible problems running through my mind, even though I try to block them out, cuz no need to supply "The Powers That Be" with any ideas.... 
Ok, time to get ready for work EWWWWWWWW....
See ya laterzzzz!

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