Sunday, June 1, 2008


Ok, now I'm getting disgusted. I really enjoy trolling through BlogExplosion and Blog Soldiers, but I'm about tired of seeing the same, non-updated (some since last year) blogs. Do these sites offer any kind of patrolling of their content..? I mean seriously, if it hasn't been updated since 2007, that's a good indication the owner has lost interest, and just maybe it should be pulled from the rotation.

Also, there is a stop on Blog Soldiers' ride that (I assume) is the blog of the site, and indicates they have over 9000 registered blogs. 9,000..? Soooo how come I keep seeing the same ones, over & over? I've had a few of them pop up three and four times...TODAY. Seeing the same ones on consecutive days, I'm good with that, but having them come up repeatedly, on the same day..? I GUARANTEE you I haven't trolled through 9,000 blogs, to be started over at the beginning! What gives?

I don't really expect to get any kind of response to this from the sites...apparently they're too busy to police their content, so I'm fairly certain they aren't going to see mine. I just felt a need to spew some steam.

I spend a lot of time, going through various blogs, commenting on ones that strike my fancy, adding the occasional one to my favorites so I can revisit regularly - Tom's Hideaway, Fate's Acquittal, Because I Said So, Tales From The Vinyl Village, Hey! It's Free, and Three Kid Circus are a few I visit daily. They are also updated daily - ok maybe not daily, but regularly. It takes a bit of the enjoyment out when you visit a blog, and it says the same thing it said last time you were there...And yes, I know I am guilty of not posting every day but dammit I TRY. My other blog, A Witch In Time does get a daily update, as each day is set aside for different information. Do I think people will be disappointed if I don't post..? Probably not, since I doubt I (unlike Tom over at Fate's Acquittal) have many folks on the edge of their seats waiting to see what happens next, but I am part of two sites that have my blogs in a rotation, and I really don't want my blog to be the one that causes someone to write a post like this   :)

Ok, I'm done bitchin'. Guess it's just an icky day all around - my boy has been extremely whiney today, and it's only going to get worse as the summer goes by, now that the kids are out of school. One of the kids where he stays while we're working is a spoiled rotten, smart-mouthed, back talking, lazy, whiney brat. And she's there EVERY DAY. I can already hear my boy channeling her...(Uhhhhh, whyyyyy do IIIIIII have to do everyyyyything around thisss house..? It's not FAIR! accompanied by eye-rolling and stomping of the feet) The only things that boy is asked to do are clean up his room, and anything he wants done. We had an all out temper tantrum last night because I wouldn't set his food out of the bag for him. I am not his personal maid, and if he's fully capable of doing it, I'm not going to. Period.

I think it's going to be a long summer....

Ok, bye for now.

See ya laterzzzzzzzz!


Nogard's Lair said...

Try searching

Using the advanced feature you can set a date in the past and get only returns that are fresh. (like updated since yesterday). I just did one using a search phrase that is very obscure and it came back with 5 blogs on the subject written today!

thevinylvillage said...

she says: "Do I think people will be disappointed if I don't post..?"

and I reply...

Reas Kroicowl said...

I think some bloggers use a program that tricks the site into thinking they have been surfing, therefore earning "credits" so their blogs can be seen by others.

Yes, it can be done and it's completely annoying. I just started blocking the ones that I ran across that hadn't updated in several weeks.

Dawtch said...

Nogard: Thanks bunches, I'll check it out! I was starting to wonder if you would ever be back around...

Vinylvillage: Awww, you're so sweet, and you just made my day! :) Thanks for starting it off good for a change!

Reas Kroicowl: Yes, it is extremely annoying! Why even bother to have folks come if you no longer post..? I mean does anyone actually click on the ads..? Grrrr


Nogard's Lair said...

I'm like a bad penny, just when you think it's safe to read your comments...