Saturday, May 17, 2008

Details - Conclusion

Ok, where was I..? Stoopid job - interfering with my social life! There it goes again, whew, false alarm :)
So, we got the cast on - did I mention it's orange? No, not just orange, bright fluorescent can be seen coming from two blocks away orange. That's his favorite color. For everything. His sheets are orange...
Anyways, we got the cast on with a minimum of pain - he held up very well - and had more xrays taken to confirm the bones were back in place. They are. We had to schedule a follow-up appointment for two weeks, my little lover had to give all the women good-bye hugs, and we were done with the doctor.
Then we headed to White Castle. My boy loves him some cheese sticks from White Castle! He likes the chicken rings, too. (He won't eat the sliders - he refuses to eat any kind of red meat, apparently instinctively). We got some food, and headed to the house. He stripped down to his underwear (can't keep clothes on him) and planted himself in the Elmo chair, with his "tray," in Mommy & Daddy's room, and settled in top play king. I did convince him to take a dose of medicine to ease the hurt from the "smooshing."
Actually, he's not a bad patient. He didn't really ask for anything that wasn't necessary. After he ate, we snuggled up in the "big bed" and watched Ben10. All of them. At least, all of them that are available On Demand. Eventually, we both napped for a bit.
When Daddy got home, he got to sign the cast first, before anyone :) I was next, then Shayne had to write his name on it. Daddy tried to get upset, but I told him it's his cast and he can do whatever he wants on it.
Things are pretty much back to normal - well, as normal as can be expected with the addition of a fluorescent orange cast to your family - I saw him do a jump kick on his gaming chair the other day. He prefers Motrin if he's having any pain, but I try to get him to take the good stuff at night so he can sleep the night through without the arm waking him up. He hasn't made it all night, but then again in all reality, he is usually up when Daddy gets up for work at 4am ish.
I thought we would have to cancel the Karate, which would have been a bummer for him, cuz he really likes it. But Daddy (sweet man that he is) went by there and talked to the lady in charge, and explained what had happened. The folks at Indiana Martial Arts rock! Anyone in the Mooresville, Camby, Plainfield areas, if you have a little one, this is a wonderful place for them to go. They are going to let him continue to come! Talk about a happy boy! Daddy the hero, again :)
Ok, gotta go work again :(
See ya laterzzzzzz!

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