Monday, May 12, 2008

WOW! ANNE RICE Came To My Blog!

Can I just say WOW! Anne Rice came to my blog! ANNE RICE! OMG, OMG, OMG! Not only did she come to my blog...SHE LEFT A COMMENT! *doing happy, happy dance*
I went upstairs last night to bathe, and figgered I'd take a looksee at my newest posts, see if anyone had been by (Yes, I'm a freak that way - I have issues, leave me alone !) and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a new comment on here. Woohoo! Any regular readers (do I have any of those..?) are aware that comments in general make my day. So I had to go check it out.
I saw the name Anne Rice at the top. OMG! That can't be right! Someone is messing with me...Then I went on to read what was written. OMG! I don't think someone's messing with me, I think ANNE RICE came to my blog! I re-read it. Twice. Then I ran halfway down the stairs to holler at hunny
Me: *kinda bouncing on stairs*"Anne Rice left me a comment on my post!"
Him: "Who..?" *my hunny doesn't read as much as I do....*
Me: "ANNE RICE! The author - Witching Hour, Vampire Lestat, you know the ones I've read until they fell apart then had to replace so I could read them again..? ANNE RICE!"
Him: "No way."
Me: "Way!"
Him: "Why would she leave a comment on your thingy?" (he's not really up on blogs - but then again, like I
Me: "I dunno, 'cuz I posted about her..? The one I was doing earlier when you were up there. You see I did a post about another blog, and it kinda led to books, which led to her..."
Him: "No way!"
Me: "Way! Come up here and read it..."

So back upstairs we went, where I proceeded to read him the comment, as well as the part of the post that was relevant.

Him: " How do you know it's really her..?"
Me: "I don't. But I can click on the name and go to the profile..."

I clicked. It's set to private. Go figger...but a famous author would set their profile to private, right? Right..?

Him: *Giving me an "I told you so" look*
Me: "It was her 'cuz I say it was her..."
Him: *still looking*
Me: "I can see why someone would do it to be petty, but they wouldn't have said the things she said in the way she said them..."
Him: *still looking*
Me: "It was HER. I know it was."
Him: *being the sweet, supportive hunny he (usually) is: "Yeah, you've got a point there. Cool! Anne Rice commented on your thingy."
Me: *grinning from ear to ear "ANNE RICE came to my blog! How cool is that..?"

I want to address what she said, and clarify my comments, but it's really hard to type while you're doing the Happy Dance....but I'll be back.
See ya laterzzzzzzz!


Tom Evans said...

There's no doubt it was her. It would be weird stuff to write if it were just a prank...

Well done!

Nogard's Lair said...

Here I sit minding my own business, when I receive about 5 to 8 fast taps on my head. I turn around and see her beaming from ear to ear, yapping, like an excited Terrier, about how Anne Rice posted a comment to her blog!

Congrats!!! And yes I'm still working on that Anne Rice book you lent me a while ago. Told you I was a slow reader ;-)