Thursday, May 22, 2008

Update Your Crap ! ! !

Again, (still..?) I'm trolling through the blogsphere, and I find myself increasingly disappointed with the available offerings. Can I just say - EITHER UPDATE YOUR BLOG MORE THAN ONCE A YEAR, OR REMOVE IT FROM BLOGEXPLOSION & BLOG SOLDIERS!!!!!!
I really enjoy reviewing the available blogs, when they are current. Blog Soldiers has a blog up that says they have reached 9000 blogs. So why do I keep getting the same 75 or so blogs ( and that's a generous exagerration...) Many of which haven't been updated for months, some for years.
Don't get me wrong, I've been known to go a few days with no post, usually because I'm sick. But weeks...months...YEARS..? C'mon! Either update it or delete it, or at the very least, take it out of rotation...If I understand the process correctly, one has to accumulate "credits" of one kind or another to stay in rotation. That tells me they are still about, racking up credits, but not bothering to update. Is it just lazy..?
I dunno. I'd like to think that if I were to quit posting I would have the common courtesy, towards all the other folks out there, to remove my stuff from the rotations...
Ok, done ranting for the moment, *climbing off the soapbox*
Gotta go finish working (ewwww)
see ya laterzzzzz!!!!


TOM said...

Blog Soldiers and Blog explosion drive me nuts!! I see the same ones as well and when I check stats on my blog I see visits from both but they must be a bunch of lurkers!! I leave comments when I find something interesting but there seems to be no comment etiquette!!

Anonymous said...

Blog explosion drives me blog soldiers any better?

I imagine that most of my visits from Blog Explosion have been "sit the 20 seconds til I can click" types who dont bother to really read...

anyone know of any other sites to generate traffic?