Thursday, May 15, 2008


Alrighty, I said I would get back here and provide some more details, so here goes...
I was driving home Tuesday night, doing the speed limit...ok, not really, I was doing about 60, which is about as close to speed limit as I get, as my hunny had been told by Uncle Mike that the law enforcement personnel were out and about in force that evening. So, I set the cruise at 60 and headed for home.

Hunny had said he was down at his buddy's house, hanging out while the kids played. No biggie, they live like 5 houses down, and I didn't really think any more about it. As I hit the exit for Six Points Road, basically within 6 or 7 miles of home, I heard my radio beep.
Him: "Jodi..?"
Me: "Yeah Babe, go ahead."
Him: "We're heading to the hospital."
Me: *huh* "Oh shit, what happened?"
Him: "I think your boy broke his arm..."
Me: "WHAT..?!?"

Now keep in mind, hunny is usually pretty low-key when it comes to kid injuries. He'll usually check for heavy bleeding, then assume he's a kid and all will be well. When the boy came out of Karate and tried to jump onto a pole in the parking lot & missed, raising a big goose egg in the middle of his forehead, hunny looked for blood, said (his signature line) "If you hadn't been jacking around..." and home they went. So...if hunny is heading to the hospital with what he thinks is a broken arm, then it's probably pretty serious - maybe more so than what he thinks.
Well, there goes my nice, calm 60mph. I told him I would meet him there, that I was almost to Six Points, and should be right behind him.
Now, luckily for us, there is a hospital about 3 miles from the house. Something tells me this won't be our last visit...I think I made the 10 miles left in about 4 min.
On the way, I got another call.
Him: "I don't have his card or anything."
Me: "Don't worry honey, I'll be RIGHT BEHIND YOU."
Him: " Do they have an Emergency Room here..?"
Me: "I think they do, they said something about opening one when I was down here for my tests."
Him: "I'm not seeing a sign for an ER..."
Me: "Just go in the main entrance and ask someone if they have an Emergency Room..."
This a small community hospital. SMALL. They actually DON'T have an Emergency Room, (although it is scheduled to open October 11). They do however, have an Immediate Care Center. I think the main difference is that it's not 24 hour.

So, about the time I finished telling him to go in, I was turning into the entrance to the hosp. I followed the curvy road/driveway in to the main entrance, looking towards the doors for the truck. Not up at the drive-thru. I see it in the parking lot. Empty. So I guess they have some sort of something to take care of 5 year olds with injuries. Good deal. I threw the car into a parking spot right across from the entrance (thank you Parking Gods) and take myself inside.
Me:" My husband just brought our 5 year old in here, do you know where they went..?"
Lady at Desk:"Right that way."

As I entered the waiting area, there was my boy - little rough & tumble, it doesn't hurt, I'll be fine himself, sitting on Daddy's lap, holding his arm VERY carefully, looking pathetic. It broke my heart. He wasn't, however, crying. At least not until he saw me. Gotta be a tough guy for Daddy, you know all that testosterone crap. But when I came in, well, there wasn't a LOT of crying, but he did loosen the grip on the tears a bit.

But he did really well. They took xrays, and determined it was broken. Twice. Well, actually each bone in his forearm is broken once. They sent us home in a splint and gave us the numbers of some orthopaedic surgeons to call the next day. They also sent us home with some liquid Tylenol3. That's some NASTY stuff, even with the "kid's flavoring" added in.

He doesn't want the pain medication. He'll take it at night, that seems to be when it bothers him the most. (Usually about 3:30am...)I can imagine...there aren't a whole lot positions you can get into that are comfortable, when you have a cast almost to your shoulder...poor guy.

We went to see the Ortho guy on Wednesday, he was really good with my little guy! We had a couple of hairy moments when the doc had to straighten the bone. He explained to both me & Shayne exactly what he was going to do, that he had to wrap it with the cast material, then he would have to "smoosh" the bone back into place. He offered to give him a shot to numb the area first, but my tuff guy said "No Thank you" I explained how the shot would work, that it would make it hurt a lot less, but he still declined.
He only cried for a minute or two - he did much better than I would have! I'd have been whining & crying & boo-hooing & bitching like nobody's business! Not my boy! He cried for a minute, but c'mon, they were realigning a broken bone with NO ANESTHESIA! He had every right to cry!
Ok, gotta work now, but will provide more at a later time....
See ya laterzzzzzzzz

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Dawn said...

Oh ouchie! Here's hoping it heals up quickly!