Saturday, May 3, 2008

New Toy!

Well, I am now the proud co-owner (I think I might have about 10% - hunny has claimed the other of a Logitech® Harmony® One universal remote control. And can I just say THIS THING ROCKS! And I got it for free! Well, at no monetary cost (no I didn't steal it...) You see, somewhere between two weeks and a month ago, I was reading a forum on Hey It's Free! ( I can't find the forum entry again, or I'd link it, too) and came across a post about BzzAgent which is this really cool site where you sign up, and you participate in 'campaigns.' What does that mean? Well, they send you a product, either free or at DEEP discount, you use it, and then you spread the word about it to friends & family,

So, I got this super cool remote. For years we've been fighting to keep all the remote controls, for all of our shit, in one general area. Not very successful, no we weren't. I have found remotes in couches, chairs, bathtubs, (don't ask) automobiles, beds, and boxes. I have bought I don't know how many cute little bags (one of which looked like Wile E. Coyote, who is my hunny's fav cartoon). I have bought little box things that were supposed to keep 'em all in one place, it just wasn't happening.

Then today, I received this, this, from the Goddess! Before tonight, we had four remotes in the living room, four in the bedroom, and three more in our boy's room...that's 11 remote controls 11. Two of the ones in the living room were "universal' remotes...yeah, whatever. The ones that would work more than one piece of equipment, still didn't do all the functions of whatever you were trying to operate. For example, our cable remote would turn on the TV, the cable box, and the surround. It would change cable channels. But it wouldn't operate the sound features of the surround...we had to use the original remote to turn it up or down. Another good example is that it would turn on the TV, but if we wanted to watch a DVD, we had to use the TV's remote to change the input on the TV, the DVD remote to turn on the DVD player and operate it, and the surround remote to change mode to DVD and adjust volume.

But NEVER AGAIN! It took me all of about 30 minutes (most of which was loading the software onto my puter) to set up this remote using a step-by-step walk through in the software, and it does ALL OF IT! It operate all of the devices, and all of the functions of all of the devices. Quite frankly, I think my hunny had a few moments of ecstasy there...really. This is the coolest remote I've ever seen. It has a touchscreen! I am not getting any compensation for this, I just think this remote ROCKS! and I think everyone with more than just a TV should have one.

Oh yeah, did I mention IT DOESN"T USE BATTERIES? It comes with a charging base, and a battery that looks a lot like a video camera battery, How cool it that..?

Here is the super-cool, fantastic, awesome, wonderful, fantabulous, amazing Harmony One;

I think I can actually set it up to operate EVERY piece of home entertainment equipment we own - all 4 TVs, PS2, 3 DVD players...ALL OF IT, and I'm going to try. But not tonight...Tonight I hear my bed calling, and I am preparing to answer...

See ya laterzzzz!


Tom Evans said...

That thing does, admittedly, look sweet.

Dawtch said...

OMG! Like I told my Hunny - it's one of those things he wouldn't buy forhimself, but absolutely loves! He says he'll never do without one again *grin*
Thanks for stopping by :)

Taj said...

As Tom said, it does look sweet. I have a Logitech something or other remote that I bought long ago and never even opened. This post makes me want to dig it out and finally use it!