Sunday, April 6, 2008

Belly Dance

Ok, so last night the hubby and I are watching Blue Collar Comedy Tour, a newer one, on Comedy Central. The boy child was laying on my lap playing his Gameboy, getting ready to start to maybe chill out enough to go to sleep (yeah...fat chance). Shayne gets up to rearrange his blanket, and Bill Engval goes into a routine about how his wife thinks he's too tense and sched a massage for him (you really need to see it...) and how the masseuse is this young, pretty blonde, etc., etc. Hunny man is losing it over in the recliner, I'm laughing away, and sweet(monster) boy is fidling with the blanket. Mark is laughing so hard he is almost crying...When we could breathe, therefore talk, again, I looked at him and said "you're just laughing because you can picture yourself in that position" He says "I've been there..." between gasps. " the shop..? When they had the little hot girl doing massages..?" And I did remember, and I remembered that I had gotten him an hour of massage. I said "Oh yeah...the belly dancer.." (I'm getting to the poiont, I swear).

Apparently, "belly dancer" penetrated to the boychild's ears. We kept talking for a few minutes, and as we talked, I looked over at my (5 year old) son, to see him holding his shirt up and apparently doing the "Pelvic Thrust" part of The Time Warp

It didn't quite click on the first look, so we continued the discussion, (darling hubby is oblivious to our son's movements at this time), then I looked back again...he has his jammie shirt pulled up to expose his tummy, and he's just thrusting away...HE'S THRUSTING...HE'S 5...
Me: "What in the world are you doing..?'
Him:"Giggle, giggle, giggle"
Me:"Shayne...what are you DOING?"
Him: "Giggle, giggle, giggle"

At this point, the boy climbs back on the couch and giving me the innocent look
"Mommy, how do you make your belly dance?"
OOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhh, he was trying to make his belly dance...that makes sense, kinda...

Hubby:"snicker, giggle, snort"
Me: "Uh, it doesn't really DANCE, per se...."
Him:"You said "belly does your belly dance?
Me: "Snicker, cough, uh, well...(looking at hubby) A little help here would be nice...)
Hubby:"Giggle, Snicker, Snort, Snort...Cough, Giggle, It's not really your BELLY dancing, it's a kind of dance...Giggle"
Me:"*Grasping at this straw* Yeah, linda like hokey pokey is a kind of dance, and polka is a kind of dance..." hoping my ever more inquisitive son is not going to make me go into detail, or God's forbid, demonstration..

He looks up at me real seriouslike for a minute, obviously considering this, then says "OK" and goes back to his Gameboy...

I look over at the hubby who is still wiping his eyes and think "whew"
Such is life in our home...discussions of belly dancing at 10:30 pm....

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Michelle said...

I've got a four year old, so I know where you're coming from with the innocent comments that don't appear so innocent on the surface. I've learned to ask questions before I dive too deep into anything. And yep, I learned that the hard way.

Oh, and do to links in a post (I just learned this the other day while playing around), highlight the words you would like to be the link, then hit the little button in your toolbar that looks like a broken chainlink (sorta). That will pop up a box for you to type or paste the URL into. Hit ok, and you're done. Ta da!