Friday, April 4, 2008

Why I'm Here

Well, about 6 months ago or so, I ran across this Ebay listing for Pokemon cards put up by Dawn from Mommytomy6pack, which led to me finding her blog, which in turn led to several more, and I was hooked. (I'd link to her blog, but I have absolutely no idea how to do that yet...I'm sure I'll figger it out eventually...) So here I am. I have never kept a journal...ok, not never, but not since I was a teenager in lockup (that story will come eventually) and was required to...due to privacy issues...wierd aren't I, I won't write cuz I can't keep it private, but here I am, puttin' it out there in front of God &'ll come to find my logic is frequently pretty unique.

Ok, let's see, I am 41, married, I have 3 children, well, technically I have 2 adults and 1 child, and 2 grandchildren. My oldest is my daughter, she is (almost) 24. The next in line is my oldest son, Tony, he's 22, and also the source of the grandchildren. He & his wonderful wife Jayme have presented us with Jordan, 1 yr old on Feb 28, and Anikan, born on Feb 25 of this year. Then there is my youngest son, the (usually) sweet (monster) boy, Shayne, who is 5. Yes, I know, there is a big jump there, but he was planned, actually striven for, and very welcome :)

Then there is my hunny, Mark. He is also 41. I don't know why I feel a need to announce all the ages, but I do, and it's mine, so I will *phfbtttt* He is the love of my life, patient (mostly), indulgent of me, considerate, thoughtful and a great dad (mostly). He is also male, and consequently is also unable to locate ANYTHING that isn't an address...he can tell you where any address in the city and surrounding area is, right off the top of his head...where was I, oh yeah...male...well, you get the idea. While he isn't a typical male, he is male and has many of the typical traits jump up and suprise me at odd times. Hmmmm, am I rambling..? Oh well, I don't really expect much readership, so I can ramble guilt free all I want :)

My little one (who isn't quite so little anymore :( )is an amazing child. I know, I'm biased as his mother, but he truly is. I swear the child is psychic, and I don't say that jokingly. An example...First some background on me. I'm not a morning wait that's an understatement...I don't wake up well, EVER for any reason...although in all fairness, it has gotten a LITTLE bit less ugly since the birth of the boychild, but anyway, I digress. So, my morning goes something like this...climb out of the waterbed & stumble to the bathroom - the dark bathroom - pee, put in my top teeth, fall downstairs for the cup of coffee, crawl back up to my computer, and spend the next hour trying to become human again. Then I either start the "get ready for work" routine of showering, picking clothes, applying the warpaint, etc, or I go for a 2nd cuppa and back to the computer for a while longer. My husband and child are familiar with the plan, and tend to (usually) leave me alone for at LEAST the 1st 30 min, or as long as they possibly can, which usually amounts to when I speak first...where was I going with this..? Oh yeah...the little psychic...

So, the other night, I decided I'd change the routine a bit, and jump in the shower immediately out of bed. The youngun needed cleaned, as did I, and I figured if we did that very first thing, even before coffee *gasp* it might make the morning go smoother *as if*. I made this decision lying in bed, in the dark, just before I drifted to sleep. I spoke of it to NO ONE.

Well, the next morning, the boy comes in for wake up snuggles (this is the bestest way in the world to wake up, if you must be woken) and after a couple of minutes of snuggling, I looked at the clock to discover it was about 45 mins later than it should be. As I popped upright, my boy climbed off the bed and looked at me saying

"Mommy are you ready to shower now..?"

Huh..? He is thouroughly familiar with the routine, why would he ask that? On that particular morning..? Never did before...hasn't since...I'm telling you, he's psychic. I have many examples of this, and I'm sure you, lucky reader, will eventually hear all of them. It's just creepy sometimes, and happens too often to be coincidence.

Hmmmm...apparently I can go on & on forever at this...I feel like I need to "catch up" although to what, I am not sure. All of a sudden I have a million things I want to say. I don't necessarily need them to be read, just said (Ha, I made a funny!). This is actually quite wierd, as I haven't ever really felt this kind of need know, to share every little thing with a piece of paper and a pen (ok so technically it's a keyboard & monitor, but you know what I mean) I feel as if there are a million things I want to tell you, even though I don't really expect there to be many "yous", but if I don't stop now, temporarily, I may take up the whole site...LOL

Ok, so bye for now, I'll be back, probably in just a little while, and maybe I can not ramble, and actually manage to make sense in the next least one can hope, as I know this one is pretty scattered...
Sorry & ta-ta for now

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