Friday, April 11, 2008

Road Rage

What is wrong with people..? I've asked this question so many times, it seems to lose it's meaning...I admit, I suffer from a tiny bit of road rage...ok, maybe more than a tiny bit...ok, maybe a lot. But in my defense, I feel it is justified.

What is it about putting a person behind the wheel of a vehicle, that makes all common sense, courtesy, and general intelligence just disappear? Not everyone mind you, but apparently a large portion of the population. And seemingly, there are certain roads that increase this effect.

Take for example, Lynhurst Ave, here in Indianapolis. Now granted, this is not the "ritzy" part of town...not even close, more like redneck heaven, which in and of itself is not bad.

***Early defense, I have nothing against rednecks, nor am I in anyway slamming them...I'll be the first to tell you I AM ONE, so if you are too, please don't go getting your panties in a bunch...***

Anyways, back to Lynhurst Ave...I have to travel this road almost daily to take my son to the sitter. It is about a five mile stretch. How many stoopid people can you possibly run into in a five mile stretch..? Lemme tell ya... A BUNCH! About two weeks ago, I'm driving up this road, behind a couple of other cars, making decent time (I actually achieved the speed limit, this is a feat all on it's own!), when all of a sudden an elderly man comes off a side road at about 30 mph (from a stop sign) and cuts off the car that is two ahead of me, almost causing a wreck. This man then proceeds to putt up the next 2 miles of road at 15 mph...literally 15 mph. Needless to say my mild road rage has been alerted to the situation, and I'm steaming. I am on a schedule...I have to be somewhere TODAY. Then, I see a light at the end of the tunnel...a stop light, a GREEN stop light, at the cross street where I turn. Woohoo, freedom ahead - but wait, the man in the lead, has decided he needs to stop at the intersection, the intersection with the green light. A complete stop. And look both ways. And creep on through. GRRRRRRR

Ok, so now it's taken me 15 mins to go 2 miles....but no cause for road rage, right..?

Then there are the tracks on Lynhurst. I understand slowing down for tracks if you're in a sports car, or a hoopdie that might lose pieces, or something that sits low to the ground, especially these tracks, as you have to go up a hill, cross the tracks on top, and go back down the otherside...hmm, I may get a pic...BUT, you DO NOT need to slow to 1 mph. And if you drive a 4X4 vehicle, why are you slowing down? Your vehicle was built to go OFF-ROAD, through BOGS, ROCKY HILLSIDES, and other rough, uneven surfaces. Why are you slowing for railroad tracks? Hello !?!? Your vehicle is at least 18" off the ground, probably you think you're going to bottom out..? You're not, I promise, my car only sits about 6" off the ground, and I don't bottom out at 30mph. GRRRRRRRRR

And let's not forget the interstates...the speed limit is 50mph in most areas of the city. As a rule, traffic moves at about 70 mph, if you're much below that, you're getting run over. So, I'm driving to work, keeping up with traffic, and find a big 4 wheel drive behind me. It has a lift kit, very tall vehicle. As I said a minute ago, my car sits low to the ground. The guy is so hard on my tail that I can't see his headlights. In order for my trunk to block his headlights from view, he has to be within about 6-8 INCHES of my bumper. Is that necessary? More than likely I have my child in the car, which means you are threatening my child's life, as well as my own. Ummm, not healthy decision making skills being displayed there...I just don't understand the need. If you're in THAT big of a hurry, GO AROUND. There are at least 2 other lanes available, sometimes as many as 4 other lanes, why do you have to ride my ass? This is probably a member of the same group of people who feel it is acceptable to jump into the "safe cushion" space I like to allow between my car and the one ahead of 70 mph, you CAN NOT stop on a dime. There is always (at least) one person who just HAS TO HAVE that spot on the road, and jumps ahead of me, usually without a turn signal, and puts me within a foot of his bumper, and him a foot from the car ahead of him...dumbass...

Moving forward, I want to address all the self-absorbed, oblivious, rude people who travel our (and most) city streets.





Ok, I got that off my chest, now I have some questions...anyone can feel free to jump in with an answer... Why are you in such a hurry to get to a redlight 1/2 block up the road that you can't stop & let someone from the parking lot/driveway/side street out onto the road? On a four lane road, don't you see the people in the other lane stopped to let someone cross the road? Is it absolutely necessary to drive in the gutter and soak the elderly man walking on the sidewalk? Do you see the school zone sign? It's there because there are children in the area, and as adults, it is our responsibility to keep them safe, as they don't really have the ability to make good decisions consistently yet. But then apparently, neither do you. Are you this discourteous and disrespectful in your every day dealings?

Hmmmm.....I guess that's enough snivelling from me for now. I hope to post later, hopefully on a lighter note...

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