Friday, April 18, 2008

House & Home

Our landlady called yesterday. She thinks she has a buyer for our house. My Hunny is concerned. But he doesn't talk to her on a regular basis, I do. I do everything bill related. The last couple of conversations have been about her being in a "financial difficulty". THAT concerned me...way more than her selling the house. I mean c'mon, think about it...You own two propertied, one you live in, and one you rent out. You get in a "financial difficulty". Do you take the rent money you're paid every month to pay the mortgage on your rental property, or do you make the payment on the house where YOU LIVE? Uhhhh....

So it's been in my mind for a few months that we could very well have our home foreclosed out from under us through no fault of our own. That would be bad. We just moved here in January, and we love this house. Really. I don't want to move again - EVER - if I can help it. So this whole "financial difficulty" thing has me a bit concerned. She has said repeatedly that she NEEDS to sell this house (have you seen the market for homes..?) and I've been worried that rather than renew our lease when it's up, she will want us to move, so she can try to sell it.

But now she has a buyer. A buyer that, according to her, already has OTHER rental properties (so they don't want to live here...that's GOOD). That also means they know it's not exactly to get good, reliable tenants, and so will probably want to keep the ones they have. A buyer that lives in this area. That is also good, to my mind. She says we'll do a lease extension, so our lease agreement won't change for the duration of the lease. They probably won't want to sell it, so we have a good chance of renewing our lease (but I am a bit worried about the rent going up...we are really at the high end of what we can afford now).

I went to 17 schools (count 'em 17). We moved 7 times that I can remember, before I was 14. As a result I still have issues creating lasting relationships. I don't want that for my boy. I want him to start school at a particular school, and stay in that system, with the same kids, until he completes his schooling. I want him to have, at 40, friends he's had for 35 years. People he knows inside & out, and that he can turn to for anything at anytime...If we have to move, he'll probably never have that.

I'd like to buy this house, but thanks to Wells Fargo (GRRRRR...that's a whole rant on it's own) we probably won't be able to do that for a few years, and it's those few years that worry me.

And so it goes...

Well, gotta get ready for work...woohoo (not). I imagine I'll be  back later :)


K. Restoule said...

The housing market down there is a bad thing for owners right now. I know of some people (friends of friends) who've bought houses in Florida for vacations. It's not like that up here in Canada, but you still have to wonder.

Oh and thank you for visiting my little spot on the net.

Anji said...

Lets hope that the new owner will keep you on without too much trouble. we live in very strange times at the moment. Nothing is sure anymore. keeping my fingers crossed for you.