Friday, April 25, 2008

Illustration Friday

If you're paying attention (not that I have any reason to think that you are...) There is a new link over on the sidebar under "Stuffs." I stumbled on a cool website that is geared toward amateur artists (hey - my world remember? I can be an artist if I wanna be an artist). They pick a subject, then you draw your interpretation of that subject. No pressure, no judging, no winners or losers, but if you are an artist it would be a good place to get your stuff seen. They also pick one random drawing each week and "showcase" it.
I've been told that I can draw, but I'm not so sure...but I do enjoy it. It is a soothing, calming activity that I don't do nearly enough. So I may give this a go. There's no requirement that you have to submit on a regular basis, so I can when I have time and not when I don't. But it might be the impetus I need to pick up pencil & paper again...
Ok enough for now.
See ya laterzzzzzzz!


Smiler said...

Illustration Friday is a good motivator to pick up pencil or pen or brush (etc) and finish at least one art piece in the week. I try to contribute every week for that reason, but of course you can go at it any way you like. The first time I contributed I was a nervous wreck because I was so rusty, but it's really encouraging me to explore things. Hope you have fun with it! Also just thought I'd mention that I just found out about another blog called Multimedia Monday, which is a similar idea, i.e. a new prompt every week which you are encouraged to interpret with various materials. I'll probably blog about it v soon.

Btw, I answered your comment on my blog.

Lee's River/Zlatovyek said...

hey there: just dropped by smiler's blog and saw you had a comment deficit problem. Can't promise to fly by on a regular basis but hang in there, follow up links on the blogrolls that appeal and soon you won't know which way to point your broom.
lee (smiler's mom)

Anji said...

I'll have to give it a go. I used to go to classes but the teacher moved away. i don't think I was that good but I loved the 'me'time