Wednesday, April 9, 2008

See..? I toldja I'd be back! Just wanted to share the morning ride... My boy has pretty good taste in music, if I may say so, (very similar to Mommy's...)and he pays attention to what's coming outta the speakers. This morning, he decided he wanted to hear "his" cd. Since it was in, and the music is good, I said okey dokey. first we listened to "Had a Bad Day"

Then on to "Blinded By The Light"

We were both jamming, singing along, when from the backseat I hear "I smell popcorn"
Me: "Huh..?"
Him: "I smell popcorn! Mommy can I have some popcorn?"
Me: "Now where would I possibly get popcorn? We're in the car.."
Him: "The store" *big grin*
Me: "I'm not going to the store, we're on our way to Stacey's (more on Stacey to come...actually I envision a whole entry on her)Hey, maybe Stacey will have some popcorn!"
Him:" I really do smell popcorn."
Me:"I believe you.."
Him: "Hey, I don't smell it anymore...did you smell it Mom?"
Me: "Nope."
Him: "I wonder if I imagined it...if you didn't smell it..."
Me: "My smeller don't work so good, a lot of times, I don't smell things everyone else does..."
Now, my brain is trying to process the "maybe I imagined it" comment...where would he have gotten that concept? And the ability to use it in a proper context..? Is it just me, or does that seem a bit, well, adult for a 5 year old..?
I looked in the rear view, about the time he decided to respond
"Mommy, why do tires rolling on the road make them hot?"
Me: "Uh...*scrambling to switch my brain gears to where his have gone* That's friction, son. It's like when you rub hands together. *rubbing hands* It makes them heat up."
He proceeded to rub his hands together "That's friction!"
"Mommy, are your hands hot?"
"Are your hands cold?"
"No, They're just right"
"Are they...?"
"They're just right"
"Are they warm?"
"Yes, they're warm."
And that was the end of it, for him. Meanwhile, my mind is struggling to find the connection between popcorn & tires rolling on the road...
Then we were there...hugs & kisses & I love yous, and Be safes, see ya tonights, and my world got just a little bit dimmer....

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